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BBC Radio Nottingham Interview

postet on: Sunday, November 15 2009


Here's an interview of Georgia Groome about her lastest film "The True Meaning Of Love".

From http://www.dual-reality.co.uk



£1000 Reward Offered For Camera Recovery

postet on: Thursday, November 12 2009


 Actress Georgia Groome

Georgia has been left visibly shaken after two men broke into the set of her lastest film "The True Meaning Of Love".

The film was being shot in a pub in Ruddington when the incident occurred on November 6th, around 8:10am. The two men made off with the camera that contained footage which has been deemed to be "extremely sensitive".
Actor Andre Mahjouri, who was working on the film at the time, took a photograph of the intruders using his camera phone.
 “They were asked to leave several times and refused, so I took a photo of them in case anything kicked off.” he explains.

Jack Curtis, the films producer is offering an award of £1,000 for any information leading to the successful recovery of the tapes or camera,
“We just want the tapes back..." he states. "The film is Georgia's most revealing role to date and we fear for her privacy as she is still very young. Please do the right thing.” 

The film is about two young lovers who go against their parents wishes and abandon their plans to go university so they can remain together.
It was due to be released in early autumn next year.
No one was hurt in the incident, and Georgia is coping well with the shock.

I have received a personal message from Jack Curtis, the producer of the film, with intsructions to ensure everybody that Georgia is well and will be back on set in a few days. She thanks you all for the letters she has received.

If you have any information that might lead to the recovery of the camera and the tapes, then contact
Dual Reality Productions

Also, visit the official website for the movie
The True Meaning Of Love.