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Georgia on stage again - play Tusk Tusk

postet on: Saturday, February 28 2009


Georgia took part in the play Tusk Tusk written by Polly Stenham as Cassie.

The play is planed for the period from 28 March to 2 May

Here's a short introduction:

"Come on troops. Let's take check: Finnbar, slightly ruffled but still in fighting form. Maggie, could do with a full night's sleep but otherwise all in order... Stay here. Don't answer the door."

Once upon a time in what feels like another country, three children play hide and seek. Fifteen year old Elliott wears a crown, thirteen year old Maggie wraps herself in silk and little Finn draws on the walls. Together they watch a mobile phone intensely, willing it to come to life. Whose call are they waiting for and why are they home alone?

As hilarious as it is heartbreaking, Tusk Tusk, Polly Stenham's second play, is a tale of family ties as an uncertain future circles.  

Director Jeremy Herrin
Designer Robert Innes Hopkins
Lighting Neil Austin
Sound Emma Laxton

Cast includes also Tom Beard, Finn Bennett, Caroline Harker, Austin Moulton, Bel Powley and Toby Regbo



Monday: 10£
Tuesday to Saturday: 15£

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Georgia about her career on Rotten Tomatoes

postet on: Saturday, February 28 2009


From London to Brighton to Angus, Thongs, you've had the opportunity to play a variety of characters and it's been a busy few years, how does it feel to be playing roles like these?

Georgia Groome: I have honestly had the best few years and I feel so lucky. Playing Joanne in London to Brighton was my first taste of film and I loved every second of it. It was cold and long and hard - being forced herbal cigarettes - what wasn't to love? It was a great character, and an even better cast, I am so proud to say I am part of that little film that caused a bit of a stir!

Angus Thongs was very, very different! Georgia Nicholson is larger than life and eccentric - the complete opposite of London to Brighton. I thought after London to Brighton that I only wanted to do serious films, and that's what my next few projects were, and then I met Gurinder and after a bit of persuasion took the part. Again, I had the best time, doing something completely different, I learn so much on each job, that's my favourite part.

The Disappeared has yet to come out, what can you tell us about that film and who you play?

GG: The Disappeared is about child abductions. Matthew's (Harry Treadaway) brother has been abducted and he has visions of his brother, then I get abducted and Matthew has to work out who is behind it. It's deep and physiologically disturbing. I had a great time working with Harry, he is a fantastic actor, and one I would love to work with again. My part was quite small, but we filmed in Chislehurst Caves which was an experience in itself. The director gave us a lot of freedom and let us try new things. I hope it does manage to get somebody behind it because Harry does such a good job; it's a shame when small budget masterpieces don't get widely seen!



You work with yet another talented young cast on that film, is it good to be on set with younger actors?

GG: Yes, definitely! I think I'm even luckier that I can call these people my friends, we had a wicked time filming Angus, Thongs, we all got on and it was like a playground. The worst culprit being Gurinder, she liked to spread rumours and have a good time! Aaron Johnson was a lot of fun to be around, I learnt so much from him, and how he handles things and his approach towards a scene! I'm lucky to have worked with some of the best young males about, and I think my school friends agree, although I don't think they are rating the acting skills!

Being on a young set means that I don't miss home, I have friends and we can have a laugh, but at the same time, I loved being the only child. Paul Andrew Williams treated me as an adult, he let me make important decisions and listened to what I thought, sharing at least 2 of the scenes, not many directors would listen to a 13 year old inexperienced child but he did and it was a huge lesson for me.

Their films are vastly different, but can you share some memories of working with Paul Andrew Williams and Gurinder Chadha? How do they compare/differ in their approaches?

GG: They are completely different! Paul's main note was to never act - everything was real and raw, he would just make us do it, and if it wasn't working we would do it again differently. He also swears a lot and demanded 20p whenever I got something right! Paul is so supportive of me, he told me the other day on the phone that I'm not getting any younger and to try everything I can before it's too late. He's a great man, a best friend. To be honest I owe most of what has happened to him - he gave me my first chance. London to Brighton was a great project to be part of it; we are all so proud so what we achieved on so little time and money. Paul let me more than once decide how I would do it, he let me do it my way, how I thought it would work and in 2 cases this is how it is in the film. Paul is so cool, I can't think of another word to describe him really!

Gurinder works a very organised, happy set, and I've generally found a happy set is good set! Everybody loves Gurinder, she radiates warmth, she's open to talking things through and she would be very clear about how a scene would run and where the beats were meant to be. I learnt a lot working on a big budget film, money is time and we got to try lots of different things and cover lots of different areas. Gurinder is the picture of all woman! She's strong and fun and ruled the whole studio when we were working. She kept herself on our level. Once, we were struggling to get a scene due to weather and Dick Pope -- who's an absolutely legend by the way - was getting agitated by the light as all DoPs do, and everyone started to get a bit stressed, as did me and Aaron who began to feel the pressure. So we went for another take, and all I heard was Gurinder, sat in a fluro-orange coat laughing so hard, because Aaron couldn't get the fake hair out of my head (It really wasn't budging!) Gurinder later told us she wet herself!

Do you have anything new on the horizon?

GG: Next for me is Polly Stenham's [writer of That Face] new play. It's called Tusk Tusk and we are putting it on Upstairs at the Royal Court. I'm very excited! I started out in theatre - unwillingly at first - but it's when I started to get into performing. I'm scared to go back into it, but I know there's no better feeling than the adrenaline of being on stage. I'm even more excited to be at the Royal Court - my drama teacher told me to look up the Court and see the list of people who have come through it, and wow! Also, Polly is such a talented writer, Tusk Tusk is about a family of kids who are alone, the audience don't know why. I play Cassie, the oldest boy's girlfriend. She comes in and notices things are wrong. She's a different part, not a street urchin or an eccentric; she's just a really caring person that finds herself in a situation she can't ever understand. I start rehearsals in the next 2 weeks and the play starts on the 28th March.



Is there anything you haven't done that you'd really love to do? Perhaps a genre of film or a type of character you've yet to experience?

GG: I want to try everything I can, I want to push my boundaries and experiment with characters and genres that I have yet to try. I would quite like to try a period drama, I like the idea of corsets and dresses and the period look of the films. I would love to do an action film and learnt to do combat and fighting, I've never worked with a green screen so that would be a good experience too.

What do you love most about acting?

GG: What I love about acting is being able to be different people and to live and experience things through someone else. It's a great feeling and I learn so much. For me that's important, to learn whilst I'm doing it. I'm like a sponge - On Angus, Thongs, I would spend long periods of time studying how Eillen (Kastner Delago) would do my makeup and even longer watching Dick Pope set up the cameras and work his magic. It's nice that these people are willing to share with me what they know.

Dick Pope is so amazing, he is Mike Leigh's DoP and I know I am so lucky to have worked and to have a relationship with him. I think that learning more about the art makes me a better actress, because I have an understanding of what's going on around me. You appreciate what everyone else does and understand what is needed from you as an actress to make the scene work. Now I watch films and notice angles and lighting and special effects. I absorb the film rather than watch it. I love that I can do that.

Who would you most like to work with in the future?

GG: I would chop off both my arms to work with Mike Leigh - I love his films and the process of making and rehearsing his films. I'm a big fan of his usual actors, too. Vera Drake and Happy-Go-Lucky are two of my favourite films. I've met him on a few occasions - once after a screening of Happy-Go-Lucky - a meeting set up by about eight different people including Dick Pope - and again at an awards ceremony. I would love to make a film with him; his films are true and interesting and look amazing. I would also like to work with James McAvoy and Jodie Foster. I guess that's only part of my wish list too... I could go on forever!


From uk.rottentomatoes.com


Frontalknutschen DVD ab 12.03.2009 erhältlich (only german)

postet on: Monday, 16. February 2009


Die DVD Frontalknutschen ist ab dem 12.03.2009 in Deutschland erhältlich. In diesem Film spielt Georgia Groome die Hauptrolle als Georgia Nicolson. Georgia ist 14 Jahre alt und man erfährt alles, was ein junges Mädchen in dieser Zeit durchmacht. Von den peinlichen Eltern über den ersten Kuss bis zum ersten Freund. Aber Georgia löst die Probleme gemeinsam mit ihren Besten Freundinnen, der "Ace Gang". Regisseurin ist Gurinder Chadha welche auch schon mit "Kick it like Beckham" und "Liebe lieber Indisch" erfolgreich war und den Film sehr ironisch gestaltet hat. Der Spaßfaktor beim Film ist sicher und ich kann ihn nur empfehlen.

Der Film bassiert dabei auf der Bestseller-Buchreihe von Louise Rennisons. Erwähnenswerte Extras für unsere Georgia Groome Fans ist dabei das Bonusmaterial welches einen Einblick hinter die Kulissen gibt und den Audio-Kommentar von Gurinder Chadha und der "Ace Gang" enthält.